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Last Sunday (16 Dec) I finished reading volume 2 of Schönborn's series (see below for previous comments). Again, the essays were brief, lucid, and generally rewarding. I think I enjoyed this volume a bit more than the first, even.


Earlier tonight (25 Nov 2012) I finished reading Volume 1 of Christoph Cardinal Schönborn's four-volume series Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is a relatively small volume of 52 essays that were originally written for a Catholic newspaper in Vienna, where Schönborn has been Archbishop since 1995.

Although Schönborn has often been referred to as "the editor" of the Catechism, there's essentially nothing in this volume about the editing process of the CCC. Each essay (or chapter) is a commentary on some facet of Catholic belief, with topics chosen based on the material covered in Part 1 of the Catechism, which is in turn shaped by the topics in the Apostle's Creed. Examples include "Seeking and finding God," "God's providence," "The angels," "Body and soul," and "The church is holy." 
I found some essays more interesting than others, but I can imagine that if I re-read the volume in the future I might find a different set of chapters of interest based on my own focus or needs at the moment.

I decided a few weeks ago to read this series during the Year of Faith in addition to reading the CCC itself. I also decided to read the Schönborn volumes only on Sundays to make them last a little longer. Next Sunday, on to Volume 2: The Sacraments. Is anyone else reading anything similar specifically in recognition of the Year of Faith?

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